Washington - Idaho - Running in a Rush

Am I running really fast or just against the flow? I remember the sensation of running on a cruise ship as it propelled fast and furiously through the sea at the same time as I sprinted - never quite sure if I felt faster running towards the bow or the stern. Today, the spring melt of the winter snow sends water rushing past me in the swollen Spokane River beside the Centennial Trail as I run east on its last 8 miles towards the beginning of its Idaho counterpart/continuation. It is headed towards the Columbia River and then past the hipsters of Portland into the Pacific. That should mean that I am running uphill, even if the incline is so gentle as to be unnoticeable. Farther upstream as my pace steadies, the river widens and slows as well - like a ship approaching its port - in Idaho!!! 
Pedestrian Bridge over Spokane River at state border

Washington - Idaho State Line Marker on Centennial Trail

Map  #CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan