Washington - Oregon - Running Running in Walla Walla

And then I found $20. That is a great line to drop into a conversation when it needs some excitement or others don't seem quite interested enough. I started my run north of town & zipped past the Walla Walla Wine Tasting Rooms on both Second Avenue & Main Street. Knowing that I was headed into a rural area, I paused to turn on the location GPS on the phone - and realized that I had already dropped & lost my baggie with tissues & a $10 bill. I kept going though & enjoyed the green of the wheat fields and the alfalfa and some growth in the vineyards. The run finished with a couple of miles on the gravel Stateline Road & a short stretch to the front of a vineyard in Oregon. A fun, enjoyable run AND I helped start a few stories, because somebody out there can say "And then I found $10".  By the way, if you happen to find any money anywhere in Washington, you can send it to me.
Paralleling the border on Stateline Road in Walla Walla

Eat my Wheat(ies) or do a wine tasting - Washington - Oregon

Map  #CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan