San Francisco Run - Golden Gate Bridge

Start your run at AT&T/ Giants Stadium - 3rd Street & King/extension of Embarcadero- Caltrain stops at Fourth & King, If you go there turn right on 4th & left on King. "Say Hey" to the Willie Mays statue at 3rd & King in front of the stadium.

Cross the 3rd Street bridge across the water and turn left to run 50 yards back towards the bay. The run officially starts at the Willy McCovey statue. On game days, people would hang out in kayaks hoping to grab a Barry Bonds home run ball. Now turn around & run back across the bridge & turn right at the Juan Marichal statue (notice the HIGH kick that he had as a great pitcher ) & run between the water & the stadium. Notice the markers on the ground including those for Barry Bonds homer milestones.  You probably can take a peek through the left center field wall & see the stadium. Keep following the large sidewalk towards the bridge.

The bridge is huge & goes to Treasure Island (what treasure does it have?) & then on to Oakland. Look up & imagine an earthquake. Don't freak out but this bridge suffered major damage in a previous quake. Continue on.
The next few miles have no intersections. Start looking at the art exhibits & reading the "poetry" written on the sidewalk. You will see a large heart with an arrow. Here it is traditional to sing "Shot through the heart, ..You Give Love a Bad Name."

Next up is the Ferry Terminal. This is where you will return by ferry. To the left is Market Street - more or less the Main Street. Look to the left at the town. The pyramid building is the Transamerica Building & is the most iconic.

The next 1.5 miles are along the "Embarcadero." (notice Pier Numbers = address) You will see the Exploratorium (15) (fun museum), - Look left here to see the tourist site Coit Tower up on a hill - then on the right the cruise ship terminal & the departing pier for Alcatraz tours (33) . Around Pier 39 it starts getting crowded. This area has a lot of tourist things, ie. Aquarium. Run down Pier 39 for a quick look at the stores. Turn around & come back down behind the stores on the west side (40th direction). You should see 50-100 seals. Say hello.

Continue on & you will be entering Fisherman's Wharf - the heart of the tourist area. Notice a restaurant called Boudin (eat there later?) or any of the seafood areas. Follow the trolley tracks here (don't actually go down the point) & make a bit of a left. You will end up running on a sidewalk beside an empty beach on a small bay. About halfway through (1 block), turn 90 degrees to the left (so don't run into the water!) Ghiradelli Square is about 1.5 blocks up the hill (Go up Polk or Larkin past Beach Street). Try their famous hot chocolate or chocolate ice cream/sundae.

Run back to the path & turn left.  Turn right (just more or less follow the water for the next few miles) & then to the left to head up the hill at Fort Mason (principal port for the Pacific during World War II). Run this hill hard to impress all of the locals - plus you need to stop at the peak & look west. This will be a great view of the GG Bridge. Follow the downhill & bear right to head down towards the Marina. You can run on the street side or the water side as you wish. However after the Yacht Harbor (.75 miles?) make sure to grab the Bay Trail headed west. 

You will run through a park/beach area known as Crissy Field. This is a top workout area in the city. Stay on the trail until you get to the bridge & follow the steps/path up. NO WALKING. You can stick your head in the store if you wish. Run across the bridge (obvious but you go with traffic on the way out). Enjoy the views. Take a few selfies. Offer to take a few photos. Avoid running into people. Avoid BEING hit by bikers & pedestrians.

End of Bridge - quick visit to the tourist museum? Take the small road at the exit from Parking - Moore Road. - NOT the Highway!! Follow it to the end & turn right on East Road. Wind around on it & some other roads toward town - basically staying near the water until you get to the avenue in town (Sausalito) on the water. Terminal 1 block after Starbucks (sort of hidden behind a small park). Check the ferry schedule. Tickets are $11.25
Reward yourself with a latte at Starbucks if you have time. 

Angel Island will be the first island on the left (think Nike missiles). Alcatraz is smaller & is also on the left. Imagine trying to escape. Now explain what you did to end up there.

Try a slice of organic fruit pie at Frog Hollow bakery. Exit ferry terminal.
Lunch in Chinatown or back at Fisherman's Wharf (catch trolly or walk)
New Blue Bottle Coffee for hanging out at 115 Sansome St, (at Bush)

Bathrooms are available: just after Giant Stadium, Ferry Terminal, Pier 39, Ghiradelli's, Marina area, Crissy Fields, Start of GG Bridge, End of GG Bridge, Starbucks & Ferry Terminal in Sausalito. Several water fountains or take a bottle.