Idaho - Washington - Last Run on the Lewis & Clark Trail

I have travelled about 50,000 miles over more than 3 years to run state lines. Lewis and Clark travelled over 4,000 miles over 500 days to explore for President Jefferson. I have encountered reminders of their journey over and over again and remain impressed by the sheer immensity of their undertaking. My run today marks the last #CARPe overlap of our journeys and quite fittingly, it is between the towns of Lewiston, Idaho & Clarkston, Oregon - divided only by the Snake River. The 2 towns have added bike trails on both sides of the river and have included pedestrian lanes on both of their shared bridges. There aren't many tourists out here this morning and the locals greet me as a friend with smiles and a nod. The run is easy and casual enough, with only one hill climbing from the river's edge to a bridge. I run across one bridge from Main Street and then run south to Southway Bridge, across the Snake again, and back north to the confluence of the Snake River and the Clearwater River. At their southeast meeting point, there is a small interpretive center whose location appears to have been chosen mainly with runners in mind. While I mainly use Google Maps in my planning, I do want to say thanks to Lewis & Clark for the early mapping they did for all of the awesome places that I have visited.
Lewiston Idaho Running Trail

Clarkston Washinton Bridge
Snake River Idaho, Washington State Line
Map  #CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan