Pennsylvania to West Virginia - Panhandle the State Border

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, not even a sign from you here? We have got to go for a run together! According to the map, the Panhandle Trail stretches for 29 miles from Walkers Mill in Collier Township, PA, to Colliers, WV. According to the locals, it connects with other trails to Pittsburgh and then on to other trails and eventually to Washington, DC. As a former rail trail, there wasn't much elevation change, just a nice gravel trail with woods, a creek and a few hills off to the side. It is a bit off the beaten path and as a consequence, I had plenty of cooldown time as I waited for my photographer to find an access point and me. All par for the course when you are running for fun and when you have a Crazy Ass Running Plan. #CARPe

Pennsylvania to West Virginia - Running the State Border