Oregon - Nevada - Running the Extra Mile

♫♫ I took a wrong turn, it was not the right turn. ♫♫ The lyrics might be off and the tune in my head definitely was off, but the song pretty much described my navigation during the run here. Not that it really mattered. Being in running shape means there is more latitude for mistakes in directions and in not following the planned run. It allows for exploring, for checking out interesting sightings and locations, and for just plain old getting lost or taking a wrong turn. That was my run today. 

Like many of my runs in the desert or rural areas, the route was planned using Google Earth and there were NO ROADSIGNS once the run began. I knew that I should ignore early teaser roads and run out about 2 miles before taking a trail with a greater-than-90° turn to the right. The problem was that there were several roads that I didn't remember - or that were not really roads. A lot of the maps on Google are 18 months old or more and the ATVs have added new trails that don't show up and that don't necessarily even have a destination. And so it was today, I had wandered off into the desert on an unmarked trail headed for who knows where. That was not really a problem once I realized the issue. One of the great things about running in the great wide open is that you can see forever. So I just followed a series of trails that eventually connected me with the state line. Let's just call it bonus fun!
The Road to Nevada
Where the Road to Nevada begins

Map  #CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan