Nevada - Oregon - This IS My First Rodeo

#PRIZEWINNER -  Most difficult state line location to get to. Facts: Next services: 81 miles. About 4 hours from ANY major town. Number of people that I saw on my run: Zero. Number of people that the 50-inch-long Desert Whip Snake that I almost stepped on saw - One. Perhaps its shock at seeing anyone explained why it just lay there rather than moving out of my way. 

During the run, I wore a singlet (shirt) with my name on it in case I bumped into anyone, passed fans looking to randomly cheer a stranger on, or if my body later needed to be identified. Needless to say (which is why I bring it up), none of that happened.

The route was dead simple: follow the wide, flat, smooth dirt road (named Rodeo) on its diagonal through the valley from one empty highway to the state line where it intersected another even-less-traveled highway. It felt good running on another road where I could see forever even as the immense scale of the surrounding mountains confused my ability to accurately estimate distances based on simple visual clues. Great run. I would love to do it again. Now if I can just get back there!

Running in the Nevada Desert
Welcome to Oregon Sign in Denio
Greg is bigger than the mountain when running
Map  #CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan