Wyoming - Montana Again - Making Up New Rules

When I started my Crazy Ass Running Plan #CARPe, I said that I could make up the rules. Well last October when I was running in cool, fall weather in a really remote location from Utah to Wyoming, I decided that the rules should include at least 1 NAKED run. That would lend some street cred to the concept of "crazy". And so I ran that border naked. Sorry, no photos. It is a strange feeling to run without any clothes on, even when you know that no one else is within miles of where you are. Afterwards, the rush of adrenaline had been so strong that I couldn't recall certain details - so I thought that maybe I should do it again & pay attention. And since Wyoming had welcomed me without clothes, I felt it appropriate to exit there the same way.

While running I remembered a silly story about nudity. One was by the noted runner/writer Bart Yasso who talked about how running a particular race naked was not a problem for him since he was at the front until he reached the turn-around point and had to pass by everyone on the way back in. 
Big Sky Running
Note to law enforcement officials, please consider this to be fiction & not an admission of anything. To the rest of you, maybe you will dress differently on a future run.