North Dakota - Montana - Running for the Title

This run had too many possible titles. It was in a rural area but the map called the townships Beach, North Dakota & Beach, Montana - so obviously I was running from Beach to Beach which sounds like fun. Teddy Roosevelt owned land  near here and really put this area of North Dakota on the map and he is a famed "Rough Rider". So maybe a line about being a "Rough Runner"? And of course I scared up several pheasants including 2 roosters that photobombed me - so a "Pleasant Pheasant Run"?
North Dakota Montana border run

Pheasants at North Dakota Montana border 

This was a great run: one of those that you only find in this part of the world. A straight dirt road, between 2 fields, that just seems to go on forever. It is always just the runner running for whatever reason, with nobody watching or judging. Go as far as you want or don't run, it is always up to you.

Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying: "I have always said I would not have been President had it not been for my experience in North Dakota." Well I might add that "Had it not been for the Dakotas, my Crazy Ass Running Plan wouldn't have been as crazy." #CARPe Map