Massachusetts - Rhode Island - Dead End Border, DAM Road Closed

The Albion DAM road was closed - and a freshly baked strawberry-rhubarb pie from Phantom Farms awaited me at the end of the run. But like most places, if you can find the right person to ask, people want to help out & so I got permission to dart past these menacing signs. Thanks, Mr. Highway Construction Dude. Then a warm run along the Blackstone River on the paved bike trail to the end and some weaving through the streets of Woonsocket. About a half mile before my state line marker destination, North Main Street was blocked off with police lights flashing. BUT MY PIE IS NEAR! Fortunately, the policeman understood my needs and guided me through. Thanks, Mr. Police Dude. Then I get to the marker and it is covered in poison ivy. And the road dead-ends into a graveyard. Killer run? Dead tired? Or just making me rethink all those proclamations about "Run Free or Die"?
Albion Dam - Bridge Closed
Roadblock on N Main Street - Woonsocket RI

State marker covered with poison ivy
Run Free or Die - I like the running part!

#CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan