Connecticut - Rhode Island - Killer State Line

This could have been my last run. Airline Trail near Thompson, Connecticut, provides a long dirt trail (50 miles) that passes within .3 miles of the RI-CT-MA tri-state marker. That trail is rocky and has some hills - but it is short.  I tripped while running uphill (fortunately) and experienced that long, extended and exaggerated fall that so many runners know too well. I had a thousand thoughts during that second of falling, but my main focus was to not hit my head on a rock - and die. Impact came with my right hand (lightly-sprained right wrist), my left pinky (sprained), my left knee (bloody) and my left shoulder (bruised). That last part had me throwing a flying block with my left shoulder on a stone that moved as much as I might move the New England Patriots offensive line. Rock me Mama! Get up & finish the run! And then brag. After all, I have been crowing the motto of "Run Free or Die".
ROCK me Mama - getting back up
Alive and glad to run again
Lived to run another day
#CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan