Georgia to North Carolina - Running the State Vines

A beautiful summer's day, some hills and fresh mountain air - the ingredients for a great run were all there. I was excited about enjoying a good run that included crossing the border. I started just north of Dillard, Georgia, and ran along State Line Road, planning to keep on going once I hit North Carolina. But the road ran out and vines started covering it, and soon I was high-stepping among vines with leaves as large as pumpkins. The road paralleled the main highway, and I could see that I had crossed the state line, but just then a wall of vines blocked the path and I had to stop. While this technically could have fulfilled the requirements of my Crazy Ass Running Plan, it definitely didn't meet my desire for a rave run.

So I moved to another location nearby, at the intersection of Lamb Road & 246. The first mile involved dogs, curious kids (yelling "Who are you?" from 200 yards away and then running out to the street to get a good look) with adults wondering who this stranger might be, horses that just stared at me and a pretty decent hill (small by mountain standards!) Turning off the paved road onto the wide dirt road (South THYPHOSA - SR1629), the state line runs through a collard patch and the road & some woods. They don't make a big deal about it here. The road more or less runs along a creek (a field away) for a few miles, past homes and farms. You might see a car or another person, but you might not. It is peaceful back here, and the run is all about you and nature - yeah, I found a rave run just a mile away.

 (South TRYPHOSA - SR1629) - don't let autocorrect spell it differently.

#CARPe - Crazy Ass Running Plan