Oregon - California - - The Trail Gives You What You Need

Fires smoked me out of running the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) last summer, and rangers warning of a trail still covered with snowdrifts turned me away from running the state line on the PCT this year. But that didn't keep the party from happening. After meeting up with Travis & Holly in Weed, CA, pausing to catch up, have a coffee and make the requisite jokes about "Weed," we drove north to the last starting line; the last opportunity (on this journey) to find a deserted trail and change into running clothes in the great outdoors. Then Travis and I began a point-to-point run south along a deserted trail. And a great run it was, with ideal weather, conversation, emotions and the general thrill (for me) of sharing a run. About a mile before the finish, Holly joined in on the run. She was full of energy and her adrenaline made her want to push the pace - but I wanted the run to last forever.

Off in the distance, Eva had festively adorned a makeshift finish line at her determined location for the state line. I broke the pink ribbon and we celebrated this run. But hopefully, as the Allman Bros sang: "The Road Goes on Forever." 
Finish Line for last State Line Run - near Klamath Falls, Oregon

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