California - Arizona - Stopped by the Man

Rejected. During this Crazy Ass Running Plan #CARPe, I have encountered many obstacles and run around or through them: dams, traffic, no trespassing, federal projects, private property, hunting areas, rivers, fields, animals, bridges, Federal Defense areas, graveyards, police detours.... But today, after what I thought was a thorough research showing this road as a viable option, I was shut down. After a detour to walk across the London Bridge, we had driven down to Parker Dam. As we do many times when it is possible, we decided to drive the run route to understand where to start, the actual location of the border and to measure the distances and to plan the final logistics. Everything looked fine as we drove to the dam until I saw an armed security guard on each side of the dam and a large sign forbidding pedestrians. Nevertheless, I donned an orange reflective vest and walked up to a guard, acknowledged the obvious sign and sought his permission or accompaniment or ideas. I got the boot.

So we headed south past the wild burros in the road and 20 more munching on the green golf course - prompting jokes about the ... near the dam ..... The next possible spot downstream involved a good run through the desert before leading to dead end at a chain-linked fence and a run back to the road. Oh well, on to Earp, Ca & a run across the Highway 95 bridge there to Parker, Arizona. Still better than the I-40 near Memphis!
Earp to Parker Bridge on Highway 95

Welcome to Arizona, Parker AZ