Ohio - Michigan - Finding State Line Road from the State Line

How can you get lost when you are standing on the state line & you are looking for State Line Road? Many times when I  jump out of the car to start a run, I agree to meet back up at a certain place at an approximate time. That way, if the distance is shorter (or longer usually) than I expected or if I make stops for selfies or being a tourist or general curiosity, it is no big deal. But what happens when I space on a turn or forget the exact route or streets have different names on the signs than on the maps or I decide to try a different route for whatever reason makes it look more interesting or attractive at that moment?

Such was the case as I passed from Ohio to Michigan with plans to turn on State Line Road & parallel the border for a few miles. Had I missed the turn already? Did it lie farther ahead? Two things I was certain of: State Line Road was not where the state border signs were and (2) State Line Liquor was near the state line but not on State Line Road. So I turned around & headed back to find it. And that added 2 miles to my run. Not that anyone waiting at the end noticed.

Pure Michigan Sign

State Line Liquor is NOT on State Line Road
Connie's Celebrations on the Michigan Ohio State Line
#CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan Map