Utah - Wyoming - This ain't no Country Club

With any necessary apologies to Sheryl Crow & my LA friends, this area is less of a country club than Santa Monica. At an elevation of 6600 feet, my sea-level-acclimated body IMMEDIATELY noticed that there was less oxygen and recruited my heart to pump faster to make up for it. Then the mind starts joining in: warning me to watch my step less a late-season rattler be surprised by my speedy approach and unusual choice of running trails. I saw a few of those small cactus (cacti) that have 2-inch spines hiding among the shrubs, which as they brushed against me left small bits making me think of ticks. There were a few barb-wired fences, but as all experienced cowhands know, there is some way around for humans.

Enough of the negatives. The view was spectacular, with rolling golden hills and clouds on the horizon sharing space with the mountains. Antelope played until they were frightened by my plodding approach. The road had 3 ruts and I could jump back and forth between them to find the smoothest running surface. And the incline, while rolling, was exceptionally gentle. And a fence marked the border all along the road so that it was easy to locate, and an unlocked gate provided a leap to the next state. Great run. 
Check out the stride
Deer Mountain Road you think?
Map  #CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan