Iowa - Wisconsin - Running like 007 - Or Living Dangerously

Running bridges without a pedestrian section is always interesting (read living dangerously). I had seen this bridge on a Google images search. I had looked at it on Google satellite. I had called 2 Dubuque bike shops & talked about it. I had traded messages with a helpful local running club president. But until you get there, it is just hard to know exactly what you will find - and how that will make you feel. And so it was today as I looked ahead on the bridge and saw that some sort of road construction was underway and that the 2 lane speedway was merging into a single lane. But the orange cones merely blocked off a lane & I interpreted that to mean that they had reserved the lane for my running needs. That made it a lot more fun. But I do still tend to have faster splits on roads like this!
Roadwork on Iowa - Wisconsin Bridge

Me standing on a post at Iowa Wisconsin border sign

#CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan Map