Maine - New Hampshire 2 - Run the Live Free or Die state Line

I had already covered this border up in the mountains, but I wanted to add this section down near the coast in Portsmouth. I am enjoying the scenery, the people, the weather, the NOT running for President and the "Run Free or Die" attitude of New Hampshire. And I was determined to run the state line, whatever the obstacles. Portsmouth has 3 real bridges over the Piscataqua River (Portsmouth Sound): on the I-95, which is dangerous AND illegal; on the Highway 1 Bypass, which was under construction with closed auto lanes and the pedestrian lanes blocked off; and the Memorial Bridge, connecting to a smaller bridge that offered easy access, slow traffic and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Finally, I thought, an easy-run course among cars. Not quite yet! As I approached the entrance to the bridge, red lights started flashing & armgates dropped down, and the bridge separated (lift section elevated). I pondered this for moment and then started running faster. Since I am a lucky guy, a passing boat sped through, the lights stopped flashing, the armgates rose, & I entered New Hampshire. Oh yeah, RUN FREE OR DIE!

#CARPe Crazy Ass Running Plan